Flip is a game changer in wearable tech.

Whilst other trackers are consumer-based wearables, Flip is designed to work with fitness & medical professionals. Enabling them to work in-depth with their clients' health and extending monitoring beyond appointments.

When comparing Flip to a medical-grade ECG, Flip is able to capture every heartbeat with 95% accuracy. This level of accuracy allows Flip to tell you whether you're fitter than 2 weeks ago, whether you're spending too much time in certain HR zones, and allows trainers to sculpt their training sessions for every client.


The Flip app is a solution for trainers and other health professionals to collect and analyse their clients' fitness in a way that is actionable, and in a format that allows for a new level of communication with the client. The purpose is to decrease attrition and increase acquisition for health & fitness business. 

Our vision is to give real-time, monitored and progressive analytics on a client’s health during exercise with medical accuracy. Flip's technology allows for value and application across many industries, not just fitness. If you’re planning to elevate your customer experience with reliable and accurate tech, please reach out.