quality to life.

Koi Watch  is a medical-grade smartwatch that is prescribed by doctors. It provides seamless and continuous collection of the patient’s health, and delivers the findings to their doctors and family members through web & mobile applications.

Major bio-metrics unique to this watch are:

Oxygen Levels or SPO2

Electrocardiogram or II Lead ECG

and Blood Pressure.

Currently, there are no smartwatches in the market that can accurately measure your blood pressure, let alone without a cuff. Koi watch captures your blood pressure with just a touch of your finger.

Fitted inside a watch that is only 10mm thick, are capabilities to capture SpO2, ECG, Blood Pressure, HR, Steps, Calories, and of course, Time. It also has the ability to make emergency calls without a phone, and to automatically notify emergency services and family members in case the wearer falls unconscious. Everything is captured in an app for the client, their kin, and the doctor.

If you’re a  health care provider looking to gain the competitive edge, we’d love to hear from you.