• During the 2019 the National Election, Odisha was simultaneously holding its assembly elections
  • The party, ruled for 4 consecutive terms by Naveen Patnaik’s BJD was under threat of being taken over by the BJP.
  • There was even talk of Modi standing for elections from Puri, 100KM from Naveen Patnaik’s residence in Bhubaneshwar
  • The party engaged us with the purpose of reinforcing the CM’s brand image
    Avantari made a series of AR content for it
  • Then executed the world’s largest AR brand exercise, by visiting 2.5 Million homes in rural Odisha
  • We knocked door to door, to convey the CM’s message, after which we took a pic with the CM and the voter and his/her family
  • We also printed the photograph, which had the CM’s signature and handed it to the voter.
  • It was a runaway success.
  • There were two elections running, the natonal and state, and most of the time the party that was voted for during the national is the same in the state too.
  • In Odisha, all the districts where Avantari conducted a brand campaign for CM, voted him back to power, but voted for the BJP in the national elections
  • The campaign worked well enough that Modi reversed his decision to contest from Puri .
  • Meaning our brand campaign worked!

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