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We disrupt the status-quo.

We’re a passionate set of minds, starting in Oxford University, we have moved into exploring and mastering new technological territories. We began to specialise in multi-field and diverse tech from biomedical engineering, Product Design, embedded systems, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. We worked with giants of industry, political parties from across the globe and made our own products too. In our journey we have constantly challenged the goliaths of the tech world and have come out on top.

Bhairav Shankar

Managing Director

Bhairav Shankar, MSc. in Biomedical Engineering Oxford University, B.Eng (Hons.) in Electronic Engineering, Glasgow University founded Avantari after successfully designing and developing a mobile holographic unit for Shri. Narendra Modi for the 2012 Gujarat General Assembly Elections.

Initially, with the team of two engineers, he developed Nila – a wireless device that monitors vital patient signs and transmitted back by hacking feature. For this brilliant idea, Avantari was awarded Economic Times of Power Ideas 2014, the Wearable Technologies World Cup Finalists 2015 and the IDC Innovation Award 2015. This embarked our journey of developing solutions backed by budding technology of AR, VR and AI. Our breakthrough continued with Dhyana – a product, technology that we aim to export soon.

Bhairav Shankar has 5 patents to his name:

  • 4202/CHE/2013
  • 2585/CHE/2014
  • 2881/CHE/2014
  • 2880/CHE/2014
  • 201841001028

Avantari Team

Sr. Hardware Engineer

Rajesh Chandrasekar

Embedded Engineer

Swapnil Haterge

Machine Learning Engineer

Somnath Roy

Marketing Manager

Syed Saifullah Hashmi

Product Designer

Arjun Prakash

Sr. Android Developer

Mirza Ahmed Baig

QA Tester

Shanawaz Begum

Hardware Design Engineer

Deepak Reddy

Machine Learning Engineer

Dhaani Kulshrestha

Embedded Engineer

Uttkarsh Tak

Marketing Manager

Pavit Kaur

UX Designer

Devprakash Manoj

Web And Server Developer


Human Resource

Susmitha A

Sr Ios Engineer

Hari Krishna K

Machine Learning Engineer

Buvaneash D

Embedded Engineer

Brijesh Singh Panwar

Marketing Manager


UX Designer

Nivedhitha Kumar

Web And Server Developer

Kiran Kumar

Quality Control Engineer

Nagarjuna S

Machine Learning Engineer

Nikhil Koditala

Project Manager

Mohammad Ibrahim

Sr. Industrial Designer

Vimal C

Android Developer

Akhil B V

iOS Developer

Arjith Sarkar


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