For the first time ever, see your favourite movie Stars in front you, get to know them in a much more intimate setting and take photos with them to keep forever.

AppStar leverages the latest mobile technology in Augmented Reality to bring movie Stars to life in front of you. Just open the App and point your camera at the specified poster or design, the Star will appear before you as the character of their new movie.


Whether it's going to the Cinemas and viewing exclusive AR snippets by Stars and taking photos with them, or seeing them in character and watch a scene play out in your living room, AppStar is pushing the boundaries of audience engagement with movies pre and post release. Excite, thrill and engage users, make them fall in love with the characters and create the right buzz even before the movie releases!

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Already much-loved by the big players in the Entertainment Industry, AppStar will provide a new channel for movie promotors to raise awareness of upcoming movies, while giving true entertainment & value to the fans and users.

With a simple and easy-to-use app, anyone can use Augmented Reality and experience a new platform of entertainment, and a new way to indulge in the world of movies.

*AppStar is free for all users.