'Dhyana' (pronounced Di-a-na) is quite literally, a first of its kind.

While most wearable technology is largely aimed at monitoring fitness and related activities, Dhyana is focused on another segment of Health & Fitness that is quickly gaining popularity around the world, as well as within large corporations. Dhyana is a wearable tracker for Meditation - a proven exercise to help reduce stress. In fact, Meditation is found to physically change your brain to not only reduce your stress levels, but also improve your mental & cognitive performance.

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Dhyana is a very precise wearable device that captures every heart beat with 95% accuracy against a medical-grade ECG. With this, Dhyana calculates slight variations in your heart rhythm.

Just like how your heart rate fluctuates when you're surprised or frightened, small thoughts that sway you from a focused state of mind also causes tiny fluctuations - this is what Dhyana captures.

With countless studies to back it up, Heart Rate Variability and Meditation/Focus have a proven correlation.

Finally, use a wearable device to know how well you Meditate, and your progress over time.