At Avantari we make products that are fun, easy to use and disruptive to the core. Our focus is to disrupt three industries - Healthcare, Wellness and Advertising & PR.

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At Avantari, we have 2 major departments that create
amazing experiences for customers.

Amazing IOT

Amazing Augmented Reality

We specialize in making idols and celebrities appear before users to deliver a
special message & allow users to take photos with them.


A.R. Rahman is an Academy & Grammy Award winning musician that continues to push the creative boundaries of music. AR x AR is his new innovation to reach his fans across the world, in a manner that is only possible with Augmented Reality.

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AppStar uses the latest mobile technology in Augmented Reality to bring the Stars to life in front of you. By pointing your camera at the specified poster or design, the Hero or Heroine will appear before you as the character of their new movie.

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Divine Darshan

Divine Darshan has been created to connect devotees across the world with Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji.App provides subscription which gives you access to weekly Augmented Reality messages from Sri Swamiji, which will be made available for viewing for 30 min post the notified 'NEXT APPEARANCE' timeframe.

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Invite CM

See your Leader, and hear directly from the Chief Minister about the issues that matter most to our state and the ways and means to address them.

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AR's in action

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Avantari launches AppStar, the world's first Movie Promotion AR app

on Mar 23, 2018

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