Flip goes local in Australia

Date: 27 July ‘16

Avantari Technologies Pvt Ltd has entered into an agreement with Australian startup Nudge Ink Pty Ltd to co-create a go-to-market strategy for Asia Pacific.  Nudge Ink will acquire representation rights within the APAC region.

Avantari and Nudge Ink will continue to partner over the end-to-end user eperience design of Flip 2.0 as well as Avantari’s latest innovation, the Koi Watch. 

“We are very excited to extend our partnership with Avantari. Whist we have worked closely with the team in India on the UX for the various versions of Flip, this new agreement opens up a massive opportunity for us both. Australia is a very mature market when it comes to fitness and health and we would need to create a very specific launch plan to open up avenues for success.“ - John Paoletto, Managing Director, Nudge Ink Pty Ltd

“John has been a tremendous asset to us at Avantari. His expertise on user experience design has helped shape our product into the best-in-class category. We look forward to expanding our partnership into a venture that targets APAC, Australia and New Zealand in particular, where the consumer is already exposed to wearables and fintess is something that’s almost cultural. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering results and we believe that a local team would be the best way forward.” - Bhairav Shankar, Managing Director, Avantari Technologies Pvt Ltd