Flip pre-launch at the Melbourne Fitness Expo

2 May 2016

Flip 2.0 made its official pre-launch at the Melbourne Fitness Expo which occurred in April 2016. The expo attracts thousands of industry-people every year, which makes it a perfect pre-launch stage for innovations in this field. 

Two representatives demonstrated Flip's features to various visitors and industry-bodies and received very positive product appraisal. The device's medical-grade precision was held to be the most impressive feature and fitness experts felt that this is a much-needed functionality  which is simply being ignored by the wearable-tech industry.

As per the pre-launch survey collected by the representatives at this event, 50% of fitness trainers and 48% of fitness enthusiasts had a negative sentiment towards fitness trackers stating reliability and durability as the primary frustration points.

Additional feedback was collected regarding consumer perception of Flip, which is now being used by the core-design team at Avantari to innovate new features for Flip 3.0.

Managing Director Bhairav Shankar stated, "the fact that we are working on Flip 3.0 shouldn't surprise anyone. We are a technology firm, continuous improvement and upgrades are fundamental to our business's success. Avantari's core principle has always been to focus on our end-users and ensure that they receive an experience that out-delivers every expectation. When our users give us feedback, it's time for us to innovate."