Avantari partners with MyKin Health to launch Prescription Wearable in India

9 Jun 2016

US based remote health care provider MyKin has signed a licensee contract with Avantari to launch the first ever remote patient monitoring smartwatch in India. 

“Koi is a watch that’s designed to provide continuous and reliable monitoring for remote health care patients. Additionally, this watch supports quick response care, which is something that will save people’s lives. There is a huge growing global demand for remote health care because of a growing ageing population who are being given the difficult choice of either burdening their family or compromising on the last precious few years of their life by living in an aged care facility - Koi is going to get rid of this compromise and give the elderly freedom and their family peace of mind. MyKin is a visionary in the remote health care field and we are excited to be working with them on the India launch,” said CEO Bhairav Shankar.

The smartwatch is planned for a March 2017 release, with MyKin Health leading the way for other remote health care services.